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Interview with Mich Turner MBE

14 December 2015

What ignited the spark in you to make significant changes in the way we see cake baking and decorating?


As a qualified food scientist and nutritionist I am a firm believer in using quality ingredients to create totally indulgent cakes.  I like to combine this with an understanding of the chemistry of the cakes to showcase intricate hand craftsmanship to create cakes of exceptional quality.  


My own clean, polished style has developed over the years and I am always striving for perfection. 

A cake should be a feast for the eyes and a memory for the palate.



How did the idea for Little Venice Cake Company come about?


I decorated my first wedding cake for my A Level Home Economics teacher before I went to university to qualify as a Food Scientist.  I was sponsored by United Biscuits and spent my industrial year working for their cake and biscuit business overseeing Marks and Spencer Christmas Cake production.  After qualifying I worked as the Bakery and Patisserie buyer at Harvey Nichols whilst making celebration cakes in my spare time.  It was in 1999, whilst living in Little Venice, I left Harvey Nichols and officially launched Little Venice Cake Company – I instantly had orders from many of the  5 star London hotels as their preferred supplier. 


Your business is international, how do you find people to bring into your organisation that truly care about the organisation the way you do?


We have a franchise in Kuwait servicing the Middle East and my Little Venice Cake Company tools are available all over the world.  I have written and published 5 international cake books and have appeared on stage and taught masterclasses around world.  Britain’s Best Bakery  - the 50 episode series I have filmed for ITV with my co-judge Peter Sidwell has aired around the globe – currently on air in South America.  As my exposure grows, people tend to come and find us – thanks to social media and the website.  No-one will ever live and breathe the business the same as me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but we look for talented, energized, visionary people who have a strong work ethic and no egos!



What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful cake decorating entrepreneur?


Skill, tenacity, personality.


How do you generate new creative cake decorating ideas?


I tend to think about cake designs and plan on paper first.  The design may go through several evolutions until it becomes a reality – and even then the prototype can be modified during production.


What cake creations have you been most proud of and why?


It is lovely to create a collection where clients request them by name – Faberge, 1950s Chic, Corsettiere, Contemporary Romantic, Pierce Brosnan, Queen Elizabeth Diamond, Candy Stripe, Cool Britannia, Parisien Pearl, Can Can.


I have made cakes for many celebrities including Pierce Brosnan, Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, David Beckham, Gordon Ramsay and Her Majesty the Queen. 


What is your greatest cake decorating fear, and how do you manage this fear?


As with any cake designer – getting the cake to the venue without damage and ensuring it doesn’t  collapse on the night.  I have made over 10,000 bespoke cakes over the past 15 years and think through every step of the cake, delivery and assembly meticulously to avoid this.  That said – I always leave a venue with a sigh of relief!



How did you go about getting Her Majesty The Queen’s attention?


I was inspired to design and make the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Wedding Anniversary cake.  I wrote to BuckinghamPalace and asked if Her Majesty would like to receive it!  Her team responded, said yes and I delivered the Queen Elizabeth Diamond wedding anniversary cake to Buckingham Palace and the Queen took the top tier with her to Sandringham to enjoy over Christmas.


How have you built such a successful celebrity customer base?


My reputation has grown by word of mouth – ensuring I create cakes of exceptional quality and offer a professional service. 



Who has been your greatest inspiration?


My A Level teacher who asked me to decorate her wedding cake when I was 17 – she saw potential and has encouraged me ever since.  Since being announced as a Walpole Brand of Tomorrow in 2009 I have mentors with experience working with the UK’s premium luxury brands – Laurent Perrier, Asprey, Prince of Wales, Smythson – they have a huge amount of experience and always keep me on the right path. 


What is your favourite aspect of being Queen of Couture Cakes?


I aim to inspire creativity and educate whilst entertain.  I like to show people how to become better bakers and grow their confidence when decorating cakes.  Pepper this with a smattering of celebrity stories and you have a recipe for success!



If you were a cake, what would you be and why?


I would be a Queen Elizabeth Date Cake – nutritious, filled with British apples, flavoursome, good for you and always need a second slice!