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Everyday Bakes to Showstopper Cakes

18 May 2020

Mich Turner MBE is delighted to announce the publication of her latest book - Everyday Bakes to Showstopper Cakes.   In this book, Mich gives the baker a series of delicious recipes that can be baked and enjoyed everyday.  Once mastered, these recipes can be ramped up to create Showstoppers for every occasion.  From Valentine's to Mother's Day, Easter to Hallowe'en, Summer weddings to Christmas.  Allow your creativity to flourish, build your confidence and enjoy your baking.  

Selected as Waitrose Cookery Book of the Month and Amazon US Cook book of the month - this is Mich's 7th title and features the utterly delectable Althorp Layer Cake - a rich layered chocolate cake with salted caramel, chocolate ganache and almond praline she created as a gift when invited to attend the Althorp Food and Drink Festival.